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Web Developer

I specialize in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL. I’m working on mastering React.js, Meteor.js, and MongoDB.

UI/UX Developer

I'm not just a coder, my creations are aesthetically pleasing and intuitive to use

Database Knowledge

At California State Polytechnic University Pomona, I developed databases that the University apartments used.


Backend & Frameworks

A Better Janitorial Service

Web Application created with MeteorJS (Node based framework) and ReactJS. It allows employers to track their employees' location through GPS and/or a call to a landline phone system. It is being created to allow the administrator to sell membership and includes punch clock, scheduling, and reporting functions.

Details Coming Soon


Almost all Neudesic sites are now running on this. This stack allowed for 5x faster load times, 3x faster creation times, and resolved nearly all old bugs. It was developed using PHP and Wordpress APIs. The emphasis was on creating reusable modules so that as this stack evolves, pages can be created in less and less time.

Details Coming Soon

August Realty Capital

Backend utilizing REST APIs and written in PHP to grab real estate information from Salesforce CRM then output them, and send potential prospects back into Salesforce. I will be rewriting this in NodeJS or MeteorJS in the near future.

Details Coming Soon

Work Experience

Ally Bank

Senior UI Application Developer

  • I'm the lead for HTML and SCSS and set the coding standards for the whole team.
  • I founded developer reference guide where frontend developers get their code snippets that follow accessibility standards.
  • My normal day consists of working with the designers to improve our wireframe, then building out Angular components or pages based on the wireframes.


Web Developer II

  • Functioned as lead web developer of product websites
  • Successfully proposed and co-developed the stack that almost all sites are now running on. This stack allowed for 5x faster load times, 3x faster creation times, and resolved nearly all old bugs.
  • Changed the push process from live editing on production to local development on XAMPP, which then pushes to a shared Github repository, then uses deploybot to push to production.


Web Developer

  • Built a time tracking web application with phone system (Twilio API) and geolocation. It utilizes React.JS and Meteor.JS as the stack.
  • Built a website for a world-class artist whose work was featured at the Vatican’s international conference on autism
  • Built wordpress themes and plugins for various clients

Services Offered

Development or Consulting $125.00 /hour
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Websites Starting At $2500+ One-time
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